Mona Tutorials

Easy to follow tutorials to help you get started building with Mona.

Getting Started with Mona

Quick Start Guide

Description: In this video, we walk through the steps of opening up our Unity Template for the first time. You'll learn how to import your 3D assets into Unity, build an asset bundle, and then preview your space in the web browser, using the Mona Playground.
Get Started building with Mona.

SpawnPoint & Portals

Getting started with Mona SpawnPoint & Portals


Getting started with Mona Artifacts.

Submitting Your Space

Submitting your Mona Space

Minting Your Space

Minting your Mona Space

Animation in Unity for Mona Spaces

Animating in Unity for Mona Spaces

Mona Reactor: Basics

Mona Reactor: Basics

Importing 3d Assets into Mona

How to Export from Gravity Sketch and Import into Mona

Description: Learn how to export your Gravity Sketch creations and bring them into Mona.