How to Stream Using Twitch or YouTube

Streaming with Twitch or YouTube.

It is possible to use Livepeer to multistream to a number of channels at the same time. This is super easy to set up and offers the ability to stream in Mona, YouTube, Twitch etc at the same time.

  • Follow the previous tutorial to set up OBS Studio and Livepeer.

  • Once you have created a new Stream in Livepeer you can see a section to the right called multistream. Select the 'Create' button.

  • Once selected you will get a popup to fill in the required information for the destination stream such as YouTube or Twitch. Each platform has different information which is added below. You will need the following :

    • Name - This is the name of the target

    • Ingest URL - This is a link from the destination source covered below

    • Stream Key - This is the Stream key that will also be covered below

    • Profile - This covers the resolution of the stream to the destination

    • Mute Audio - It is possible to mute the audio of the outgoing stream

Getting the YouTube Stream Details

  • To get the information needed above you can go to the 'Go Live' button on your YouTube channel.

  • All the information needed can be found on the following page to put into the Livepeer parameters

Getting the Twitch Stream Details

  • Use the following URL to get the best Stream URL for your location

  • The Stream Key can be found in the Creator Dashboard > Settings > Stream page

Alternative approaches

Getting the YouTube or Twitch .m3u8 URL directly seems to be against their Terms of Service and therefore it is more difficult to get the link.

You would need to get this via other methods separate from the YouTube/Twitch channel. These methods do seem less reliable and more complicated than using Livepeer.

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