Create your Space

Get Started has all the basics of creating a space. In the sub pages in this category, we will go into more detail on each element that your space requires.

WebGL Overview

WebGL based spaces are different from standard game that have their own client that you need to download, and this page covers some of the things that need to be kept in mind in order to make sure your space looks great and runs well.

Space Overview

This page goes over the requirements of a Mona Space in more detail such as hierarchy, portals, spawnpoints etc.


Colliders are needed so that the avatars do not fall through the floor or walk-through objects in your space. This doc goes over the different kinds of colliders and best practices of using the more complex ones.


Portals allow users to teleport from one space to another minted space. This doc goes into detail on how to set them up correctly.


Canvases allow builders/owners to display different media types that can be changed after the space has been minted. This doc goes over how to set them up correctly.


Artifacts are tools that allow a builder/owner to hyperlink objects in a space. This doc goes over how to set them up correctly.

Add a Custom Skybox

This doc goes over how to add a custom skybox to your space.

Optimizing your space

This doc goes over different methods to help optimize your space, expanding on some of the elements discussed in the WebGL Overview doc.

Testing your Space

This doc goes over how to test your space in Mona.


This doc has a list of common issues that you may find when building a Mona Space.

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