This page goes over the details of Portals and how to set them up.

A Portal is a gateway to other minted Spaces. It allows Spaces to be linked so visitors can explore spaces on the Mona network. Spaces do not require Portals, however.

Others can also link to your portals from their spaces, meaning they can decide to appear at a portal location rather than the default Spawnpoint.

You can find the 'PortalPrefab' in the '_MonaAssets' Folder in the Project Window. You can use this as is, but of course you can update the asset to look however you want.

  • The Portals scene has a Portals Gameobject/layer with an applied PortalLayer tag. Do NOT delete or move this scene or object. Do not rename or remove the PortalsLayer tag.

  • Portals are optional but allow you to link to other spaces or have other spaces link to your space exactly where you want.

  • The gameobject under the PortalPrefab object must have a unique name in your Space and have the 'Portal' tag applied. In the example below this is called 'UniquePortalName_1'.

  • The Portal tagged object needs to have a box collider for the Portal to be 'seen' by the avatar.

  • Ensure the Spawnpoint gizmo is not red and is in a logical position.

  • Do not cover the Portal tagged objects collider with other colliders. The user cannot interact with the Portal if there is another collider in front of it.

Editing Portals

The Portal Prefab consists of several child game objects.

  • First is the 'Portals' Gameobject/layer, which has the PortalLayer tag. Do NOT delete or rename this object. Do not remove or rename the tag.

  • Under that is each Portal gameobject/prefab. The name of this gameobject is up to you. Each portal is a unique Portal prefab, do NOT put multiple portals under one PortalPrefab. This object has the 'Untagged' tag.

  • Under that is a GameObject that must have a unique name and a Portal Tag and requires a box collider. The collider is needed so the player avatar can 'see' the object to interact with it. Using a name representing the location is recommended for others to understand where the users will appear easily.

  • A SpawnPoint must be included and has the Spawnpoint tag. When another space links to the space, they can choose which portal they spawn from. This is where they spawn. Name your Portals well so others know where a player will appear in your space. The Portal Spawnpoint avatar gizmo needs to be green. If it is red, it is in a location that overlaps another collider or not above a collider to land on (which will fail QA).

  • The Assets gameobject holds the assets that visually represent your Portal in the scene, such as a door or portal, or anything else. These can have colliders on them, so Players can't run through them but make sure they do not override the main 'Portal' tagged object. The Portal does not need to have gameobjects in the Assets folder to function.

Portal Colliders

As noted, make sure that the assets that make up the visible Portal do not have colliders in front of, or overlapping, the main Portal object with the 'Portal' tag. This Portal tagged object collider is what is used for the user to 'see' the portal itself.

Do not cover the Portal tagged objects collider with other colliders. The user cannot interact with the Portal if there is another collider in front of it.

Linking Portals

Assigning the Portal destination is done after you have uploaded the space to your wallet draft. You can select from any space that has been minted on the Mona platform. If your space has not been minted, it will not be accessible through the Portal system.

Make sure to set your Portal name to something useful so others can link to them easily.

As Owners can set their portal destinations to any space individually, a portal will not automatically link back to your space.

If you want to create a networked group of Spaces, such as a hub, it is a good idea to discuss linking with the target destination Space owner so that people can return to your space through the same portal. You will need to note which portals to arrive at from both spaces.

If you change the Unique Name object of a Portal, Artifact, or Canvas, all of these links will be reset. Keep that in mind when setting up your space.

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