Exporting the Avatar

To correctly export your VRM the 'VRM for Blender' add on needs to make sure that all the bones are correctly assigned.

Assigning VRM Bones

  • Expand the VRM 0.x Humanoid panel in the 'VRM' tab. You can adjust the width of the panel at the left. You can scroll down using the scroll button.

  • Make sure that all the Bone assignments are correct. If you see any red there may be an issue, you can adjust the bone assignments manually by clicking on the slot for each bone. This may be needed if you have created your own rig, or used Mixamo/Accurig to rig your character.

  • Select the model and armature/rig and go to File / Export / VRM and save it where you like. It is recommended to select the assets you want to export and use the 'Export Only Selections' to make sure that other assets like cameras or lights aren't exported.

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