Importing AltspaceVR spaces to MONA

It is easy to migrate your AltspaceVR space to Mona. All you need to do is export your AltspaceVR assets as a unity package, and then import that into the Mona template.

You'll need the following :

  • Your AltspaceVR project

  • Unity 2020.3.18f1

  • Mona Template

For more information on setting up the default Mona Template go Getting Started Building.

There is a reasonable chance that your space was already made in Unity 2020.3.18f1 or earlier. If you need to update your space, you can do this after you have installed Unity 2020.3.18f1 using the Getting Started Building docs.

Exporting your AltspaceVR Project

  • Open your project using Unity hub.

  • If you built the space in an earlier version, you should change to 2020.3.18f1 when you load your space.

  • Once you have your project in Unity, pay attention to the scene name that you are using. This will be useful later. In this case it is 'SceneV2'.

  • Next, we need to export the assets as a Unity package. Go to the Assets menu, and select 'Export package...'. Once selected, a window will pop up, unselect the Altspace assets then select 'Export...' at the bottom right. Then save the package at a suitable location.

Importing your AltspaceVR space into Mona

Now that we have your AltspaceVR assets in it's own Unitypackage, we need to get it into the Mona Space scene. As Mona has a specific scene and hierarchy though we will need to copy your assets from one scene into another.

  • Open the Mona Template project in Unity. You don't need to load the Mona Space scenes at the start as we will be opening the AltspaceVR space first to copy the assets. That said, if you do load the space scenes that's fine.

  • Once you have opened the project, import your AltspaceVR .unitypackage from the 'Assets/Import Package/Custom Package...' menu at the top.

  • Once imported, you should have access to the scene that your AltspaceVR was saved in. So look for the scene you noted previously, and double click to load it. You could use the Search bar at the top of the Project window if it is not so easy to find.

  • Once your scene has loaded, we can then use the 'Mona/Load Space Scenes' menu to load the Mona Scenes.

  • Select all the assets in the AltspaceVR scene, copy them by pressing Ctrl + C, go into the Mona 'Space' Scene, and under the 'Space' gameobject you can paste your assets with Ctrl + V. Make sure that your assets are under the 'Space' parent gameobject, otherwise your space will not work. It is recommended to add them under the 'Assets' game object to be sure.

  • Once done, you can delete the original AltspaceVR scene at the top, and then you are ready to go! You may need to tweak some elements to make it more compatible with Mona. Most aspects of creating a space are covered in the docs to the left.

  • Make sure that the main Spawnpoint asset is blue, as that means it has a collider to walk on and is not overlapping any other colliders. If not, check out the Colliders doc for more information on setting those up.

  • It is possible to move and edit the portal that is included in the space to suit your environment, or remove it from the Portals scene under the Portals gameobject.

  • You can test your space with the 'Playground' button at the top!

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