Light Probes

This section goes over Light Probes which help dynamic objects be lit correctly in a baked lighting space.

What are Light Probes?

Light probes are a low cost answer to the limitation of realtime lighting taking into consideration baked light information. Each probe has lighting information that will light dynamic objects more naturally in comparison to without them.

Adding Light Probes to my Scene

1 . Create a Light Probe Group in your scene

1. Create an empty Game Object in your Hierarchy titled "LightProbes". This is optional, but good for organisation.

2. Right Click on the newly created Game Object in your Hierarchy, then navigate to Light -> Light Probe Group in the menu. This will create the Light Probe group under the selected game object.

Alternative option - you can complete the same action by navigating to the GameObject Menu and select / Lighting > Light Probe Group. This will place the probe at the bottom of the Hierarchy.

2. Modifying/Adding Light Probes

1. Press the Edit Light probes button in the Inspector Menu to modify the Light Probes in your scene. Use the 'Delete' key to delete probes as needed.

2. It is possible to use Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V / Ctrl + D to copy/paste/duplicate probes as you need to (rather than use the Add Probe Button). To save time, set up your lowest layer of probes on one level, and duplicate upwards.

3. Arranging your Light Probes

1. An objects lighting is created from the surrounding probes any object is ‘within’. If the light does not change much within an area, use less probes. If the area has a lot of light changes, use more.

For more information on Light Probes, check out the Unity Documentation.

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