Setting up a wallet

A complete guide to getting ETH or MATIC and a wallet with MetaMask

If you’ve built a space or want to purchase a space on Mona, you’ll need to set up a wallet. Setting up a Crypto wallet is easy and relatively quick.

First, let’s look at some key terms:

  • Crypto wallets are digital wallets that hold your Cryptocurrency and digital assets such as NFTs. We recommend using a MetaMask wallet, which we’ll explain how to set up below.

  • MetaMask is a digital wallet that allows you to store cryptocurrency and NFTs. Metamask is connected to your web browser as an extension.

  • ETH is the main token used for transactions on the Ethereum network. This token is more popular than MATIC but the gas fees are more expensive.

  • MATIC is the Polygon blockchain network token that provides faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum.

  • Delegate Cash allows your cold, or hardware-based, wallet to stay secure while allowing for NFT airdrops, token governance, and more by connecting your hot and cold wallets. This means you can use your hot wallet to view items in your cold wallet, like Avatars or spaces purchased on Mona previously. For more information on how to use Delegate Cash, see here.

  • WalletConnect is another tool that allows Mona to use alternative wallets. For more information, go here.

You’ll need to connect your wallet to Mona in order to participate in minting or collecting Spaces.

Are you new to crypto, blockchains, and NFTs? Read Web3 Introduction for an overview or this blog post about NFTs.

Setting Up My Wallet

  1. Download and install the MetaMask browser extension here.

  2. Next, select “Create a wallet” and set up your username and password.

Pay very close attention to your Secret Recovery Phrase or “Seed Phrase”. We recommend writing this down somewhere offline and storing copies in a few safe locations. Your seed phrase must be written down in the correct order. If you lose this, you will lose access to your wallet, which will be unrecoverable.

  1. After this, MetaMask will be set up and appear in your browser extensions. If you have any trouble, visit MetaMask Support.

Purchase ETH or MATIC

  1. If you're purchasing a space, you’ll pay in ETH or MATIC, and if you’re minting a space you’ll pay for 'gas fees' in the crypto you want your space to be listed in.

    • You can purchase ETH or MATIC in many different ways, but we recommend MoonPay and Coinbase, secure, easy-to-use platforms.

  2. Choosing a platform:

    • MoonPay

      • Find MoonPay’s website here. Next, create an account and navigate to the “Buy Crypto” button.

      • From here, you’ll be guided through the steps of connecting your wallet and paying with a credit card, and after a few minutes, your ETH or MATIC will show up in your MetaMask wallet.

    • Coinbase

      • Find Coinbase’s website here. Next, you’ll create an account - you must verify your identity in this step. After this, you’ll go to “Buy & Sell” to purchase ETH or MATIC.

      • If you use a debit card, you can access your funds immediately. Connecting to a bank may take up to 15 days for your ETH or MATIC to arrive.

      • After purchase, you can transfer those funds to your MetaMask wallet. If you have any questions, find help here.

  3. Connect your wallet to Mona.

Connecting my Wallet in Mona

  1. For this step, simply head to and click “Sign In” in the top right corner. You’ll see three options from here: MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Delegate Cash. Each of these are described above.

  1. Simply choose your desired option and connect.

Now you’re all set up! If you have any questions, please contact us via our Discord.

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