This page will cover Artifacts and how to use them.

The Artifacts scene houses objects that will be editable (to some degree) in the future. Anything that you do not want fixed in your space after minting should be under this scene. Artifacts can optionally link to external websites. This could be linked to an NFT marketplace, an existing portfolio website, a product page on an online store, wherever you like.

There are currently two types of artifacts available : Artifacts and Canvases. Canvases are better to use with media types such as Images (currently) and livestreaming, whereas artifacts are usually 3D Assets that can link to external websites if you want.

Artifacts are completely optional. If you do not want any artifacts/canvases, make sure to keep the Artifacts gameobject under the Artifacts scene however, otherwise an error will be thrown.

In the future, the owner of the space can take them out if they like, and add their own objects.

Artifacts are not swapped or replaced with future artifacts, so you don't need to add anything for future owners to add their objects into.

The Hierarchy for an Artifact should look like the following, Canvases are included for comparison.

Artifact Requirements

  • The Artifacts scene has an 'Artifacts' Gameobject/layer with the ArtifactLayer tag applied. Do NOT delete or move this scene or object. This is the only object in the scene with that tag.

  • All Artifacts/Canvases need to be under, or a child of, the Artifacts GameObject.

  • The 'UniqueArtifactName_#' under the ArtifactPrefab object must have a unique name in your Space and have the 'Artifact' tag applied. All other objects in each Artifact prefab should have the 'Untagged' tag.

  • The Artifact tagged object needs to have a box collider for the Portal to be 'seen' by the avatar. It is possible to use a Mesh collider but this is not recommended.

  • Each artifact needs a Spawnpoint included. This will be used in future functionality.

  • Each artifact is its own Prefab object. Do not add multiple artifacts under one ArtifactPrefab.

  • Do not cover the Artifact tagged objects collider with other colliders. The user will not be able to interact with the Artifact if there is another collider in front of it.

  • The naming convention for naming should be "PascalCase" (i.e. Portal1 or TestPortal)

As an example, here is the hierarchy of two artifacts under the Artifacts Gameobject.

If you change the Unique Name object of a Portal, Artifact, or Canvas all of these links will be reset. Keep that in mind when setting up your space.

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