Add a Custom Skybox

This section will go over changing the default Unity Skybox to an HDRI image.

What is a Skybox?

A 'Skybox' is a flat 2D image applied around your Space. The result simulates the experience of being in a much larger environment.
Note: The Skybox will affect the lighting in your scene, so it is best to add this early on.
You can download royalty-free Skyboxes (HDRI Images) from

How to add a Custom Skybox to your Mona Space.

  • Download the EXR from the PolyHaven HDRI section (or elsewhere).
  • Save it into your assets folder in your Unity build.
  • Click on that file in Unity, change the 'Texture Shape > Cube' (in the inspector), and hit apply.
  • Create a new material.
  • Set the Shader (at the top of the inspector) to 'Skybox/Cubemap.'
  • Drag your EXR file onto the Cubemap (HDR) slot in the material.
  • Drag your material onto the scene's background; it should update with your Skybox!
Tip: If using the Skybox>Panoramic, uncheck "generate mipmaps" on your image texture settings.
For more information on adding skyboxes in Unity go to : Watch Skybox Tutorial here.