Submitting your Space
After submitting your files, make sure to fill out the following submission form. We will either notify you if you space has Failed or Passed QA :​
How to Submit your Mona Space
Once you have gone over your space and are 100%, absolutely sure that it is finished (note that it may not be able to be updated after it is minted) you can submit the space to Mona for minting.
There are some steps to make sure that you submit all the files needed, as well as make sure that your files are ready for minting.
You will need to submit your space for QA before being able to mint. Basically you will need the following files to submit in your Wallet draft :
  • Artist Title
  • Space Title
  • Short Summary
  • Long Summary
  • Space theme (SciFi, Classical, etc.)
  • Playable Files (<180Mb, the PlaygroundFiles folder from testing)
  • Mintable Files (< 2Gb, covered in this section)
  • Preview Image for the loading screen (< 5Mb, 1920x1080 minimum, No desktop or Mona UI, or Avatar)
  • Preview video for promotion on marketplace/Mona website (<20Mb, 1920x1080 minimum, No desktop or Mona UI, or Avatar)

Use the Mona menu within Unity to 'Build Playground Files'.
This will export and save a playable files folder to your computer in the 'Exports' folder. You have probably been using these files to test in the Playground. The explorer window and default browser window will automatically appear, however this time we don't need the Playground.
This folder will be needed to be submitted to Mona.

Use the Mona menu within Unity to select 'Build Mintable Files'.
This will export and save a Unity Package to your computer in the same folder as the Playground files. A window will automatically open with the destination of the saved Unity Package.
This folder will be needed to be submitted to Mona.
If you want to see if your Mintable Files are correct, do the following :
  • Open a new template project
  • Import your Mintable files with Assets > Import Package > Custom Package...
  • Load the spaces with Mona > Load Space Scenes
  • See if any of your files are missing or broken. You could also go through the QA Process doc ( QA Process) in order to see if you pass the QA Process.

The QA Process is applied in order to make sure that your space is ready for the masses. We will go over the basics such as image, video, playable files and mintable files to make sure that it is ready to be minted.
This following checklist is the hard fail list, so if your space fails any of the aspects you will need to resubmit your space. So best get it sorted before you send it to save time.
For a detailed list of the things we will check in the QA process, you can go QA Process​

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