Warp Volumes
Warp Volumes Video Tutorial
A Warp Volume allows a builder to teleport, or warp, a user from one location to another in the same Space.
It uses any game object transform in the space as a target. You can assign the orientation to face the same direction as the target object, or it will keep the same orientation as when you teleport.
The most basic example would be to do the following :
  • Create an empty gameobject
  • Assign the Warp Volume component
  • Add a Box Collider (other collider types should work)
  • Adjust the box collider so that as soon as the user connects with it, they will be warped
  • Drag the asset that you would like to warp to onto the Warp Target field
    • An empty game object would be a good example
  • Select if the orientation is to the target (Use Rotation) or not
    • If you select local and pivot at the top right, the front direction is the blue arrow
And done! You should be able to warp around your space.
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