Submitting your VRM

After submitting your files for VRMs, make sure to fill out the following submission form. We will either notify you if you avatar has Failed or Passed QA :
With the Mona VRM Marketplace it is possible to sell VRMs to users with the following royalty system :
Primary Sale : 85% Creator + 15% Mona
Secondary Sale : 85% Seller + 12% Creator + 3% Mona
To submit your VRM you will need the following information :
  • Artist Name
  • Title
  • Description
  • Properties / Genre
  • Preview Image (1920x1080)
  • Mintable File (.vrm)
  • Mobile file (.vrm)
First you submit the initial details in your Wallet (Artist, Title, Description, and Properties)
Enter your Avatar details
After that you can upload the following :
  • Preview Image (1920x1080)
  • The mintable file will not be used in the future to focus on interoperability with as many platforms as possible. Please submit your mobile VRM to both mobile and mintable vrm.
  • Mobile file which is the main .vrm file (details below)
Submitting VRM files

QA Process

Your submission will go through a QA process to make sure that it is ready for use in the metaverse.
Make sure that your VRM is within the following requirements otherwise it may fail QA as there can be a large number of Avatars in a space.
Required VRM Specs
Less than 10Mb in total
Less than 2m in unit height
Less than 10,000 polygons (20,000 triangles)
1 skinned mesh
1 mesh (not skinned, optional)
1 material
1024 x 1024 textures maximum (less is better)
Once passed the QA Process you can mint your VRM and sell it!
Use the List Token button to list your VRM