VRM Avatars

What is a VRM?

VRM is a file format of 3D avatar asset that is designed to allow creators and users to use custom 3D Avatars in a growing ecosystem of digital spaces. They have a lot of potential functionality, such as emotes and lip sync, depending on the platform you use. Depending on your target platform, you could create a simple avatar or a complex one.

Adding a VRM as your avatar inside Mona

  • In the Mona space, select the Avatar button or press '4' on the keyboard to pull up the Avatar panel and select Import VRM Avatar.
Select Import VRM Model
  • Add the address of your VRM. The VRM needs to be stored on a specific type of host, such as Github, or AWS. The Github process will be covered in Uploading your VRM.
  • Select 'Load' for your VRM to enter the space.

VRM Test Samples

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