Mona Library Submission
If you are wanting to submit an asset to the Mona Library, this page will go into the best way to do that.
If you would like to submit assets to the Mona Library you can submit them using the following :​
In order to create a user friendly experience that best shows your work we have set up the following approach to submitting assets.

Accepted Asset formats

Any assets that are Unity or Mona specific assets (portals, reactor, etc.) should be added as Unity packages. You can find out how to do this in the following video :
Creating a Single Asset Unity Package
It is possible to add files as .fbx with separate textures, however as these assets do not have materials applied the user will need to create their own materials in Unity.

Polycount in Triangles

Assets will require a polycount in triangles (Not polygons) so users know what kind of Asset they are getting and if that suits their needs. You can usually find this out in your Asset Creation Program, or use the following free asset from the Unity Store :
Note that these assets should be game ready, meaning that the polycount should be reasonable to use in a Mona space. The number of Materials should also be low as each new material increases draw calls.

Asset Preview Image

It would be preferred to create the image similar to the assets in the Library. This will improve the overall experience for browsers of assets. There are several ways to create this however, and you can use whichever method suits you.
Examples Asset Images
  1. 1.
    Use the Asset inspector window by enlarging the window as big as possible, then taking a screen shot using Print Screen (or Alt + Print Screen for just the Unity application window). Use your favourite Image Editor to save the image. Most assets so far are using a 750x750 size image.
Screengrab the Inspector
2. Render the asset in your favourite asset creation tool. Make sure that the background uses a similar grey to other assets in the library. The grey in question is #313131, or R: 49, G: 49, B: 49. It is best if the asset is facing the bottom left.