Upgrading Templates
This page will go over ways to upgrade to the latest template from a previous template
Upgrading older versions of the template is rather easy if you are comfortable working with the filesystem and zip files, Essentially we are just going to clean up or replace (depending on the version you are using) the old Mona folders and assets with a copy of the latest version.
Make sure that you have not placed any of your Space assets inside of the folders we delete below.
Mona Folders that should not have any of your assets inside of.

Upgrading to the latest Template

1. Download the Mona V3 Service Pack here: ⬇️​
2. Open Unity, select the folders from above screenshot and press the Del on Windows, or ⌦ key on Mac, to delete the old folders.
Delete the folders listed above
3. Now open the downloaded zip file and drag and drop the zip file content into the unity assets folder
Drag zipped folders into the Unity/Assets folder.
4. You may have errors saying the 'Canvas' tag is missing, depending on what you are updating from.
Add 'Canvas' tag is not present
5. Done! Once unity is done loading the you are done! Your assets folder should look like this in Unity.
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