Update your Space

From Unity 2020.3.18 to Unity 2022.2.3

Mona updated their eco-system from Unity 2020 to Unity 2022

If you have a 2020 Space saved as a draft, you will need to update your space following the instructions below.

Updating from Unity 2020.3.18 to Unity 2022.2.3

If you have a space that needs to be updated from Unity 2020.3.18f1 to Unity 2022.2.3 then all you need to do (in most cases) is import your Unity 2020 Mintable file into the 2022 template SDK and make sure that the result looks as you intended.
You will need the following :
  • Unity 2022.2.3 (don't forget to include the WebGL Module when you install it)
  • The Mona 2022 Template SDK - Download here.
It is not recommended to use the Unity Hub to simply update the project to 2022.2.3 as a number of errors may appear.

Creating Mintable files from the 2020 Space

  • If you don't have the Mintable Files for the space already, open up the space in Unity 2020.3.18f1.
  • Use the 'Mona/Build Mintable Files' menu to create the Mintable files in the project 'Exports' folder.
Export Mintable Files
  • Make note of any assets that may be required (custom shaders, TextMeshPro etc.)

Updating to the Unity 2022 Template SDK

  • Extract the 2022 template SDK .zip file to where you would like the project to be. This is the Unity project we will be opening in Unity Hub.
Unzip the Mona 2022 SDK
  • Use Unity hub to open the 2022 project file, making sure that it is using the Unity 2022.2.3 version that you have installed.
Open 2022 SDK in Unity
  • Import any of the external assets that you used when creating your space using the Package Manager. Make sure they are all up to date.
    • This may include any custom shaders or assets in the Unity store. Note that this is purely to make sure all your assets work when importing your Mintable files.
    • If you used Text Mesh Pro assets, make sure to import that into your project as well.
  • Use the 'Assets/Import Package/Custom Package...' menu to import the Mintable files from your 2020 project 'Exports' folder.
    • In most cases, make sure to turn off the '_MonaAssets' and 'Mona' folders in the import process so that the assets are up to date.
    • In some cases, you may have modified the template assets for use in your space, if so you may need to import these assets after all. Only select the assets that you have modified.
  • Use the 'Mona/Load Space Scenes' to load the scenes from your Mintable files.
Import the Mintable Files into Unity 2022
  • Make sure to delete the 'Untitled' scene in the hierarchy.
  • Update the space so that it looks and plays correctly.
    • If the space uses lightmaps you will probably need to rebake the result as 2022 uses a different approach to how to use 'Generate Lightmap UVs' on models. If the lighting setup files were imported correctly all the settings should be the same, so just use the 'Generate Lighting' button in the Lighting window.
    • Make sure that all the shaders etc look correct. If you used any custom shaders, you may need to reimport them.
    • If you have any other issues, feel free to jump into the Mona Support Channel on Discord.
  • After that you can continue on with your project!
If you would like to update the playable files on a previously minted space, please submit your Playable files using this form :